Serving the oceans through our continuous commitment to sustainable fishing practices. Afritex recognises the need to protect and preserve our resources to ensure the success of future generations.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Afritex Ventures as a responsible corporate citizen prides ourself in playing an active role in protecting the marine resources and wellbeing of the ocean.  We understand the importance of implementing a sustainable fishing policy, in order to protect both the fish stock and ecosystem of the oceans.

These sustainable policies are practised on all our fishing vessels, both long-line and trawlers, in Mauritius and Mozambique.  Afritex is currently in the process of carrying out the necessary procedures to be registered with Dolphin Safe and Friends Of The Sea – both organisations being campaigners for the conservation of the oceans.

Afritex takes the responsibility of the impact we have on society very seriously.  To fully meet our social responsibility, we have processes in place to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into our business operations. Our Personnel are treated in a fair and humane manner and we have established a safe and comfortable working environment. Our group is strongly against the employment of under-aged persons and strict measures are taken to prevent any accidental hiring of minors seeking employment, a problem which is common world-wide.

Afritex is involved in various corporate responsibility projects, including partnering with local charitable organisations in each of the regions we are established in, to provide by-catch fish free of charge in order to feed the underprivileged with a food source high in protein and nutritional value.


With our unique traceability system all our seafood can be fully traced from origin to final destination. Traceability information is captured into an online database and by simply scanning a barcode the following information can be obtained – ocean, vessel and date of catch; species; who the skipper of the vessel was; temperature logging from when seafood is harvested, stored on board the vessel and transported to final destination; sustainability of the ocean of catch; method of catch and weight.
Each fish is tagged with a unique barcode tag. This barcode is allocated to that specific fish, placed onto all outer packaging and recorded for traceability. The barcode can be scanned from across the world and the data relevant to the specific product will come up.

Quality Assurance


We at Afritex take every measure to ensure that only the best premium quality seafood reaches the market and ultimately your plate.

Strict quality assurance procedures are in place on board all our vessels and in our processing and packing facilities.