Afritex is an investment holding company with strategic investments in African based operations that market seafood to a global base of customers. Through its subsidiary companies, Afritex operates two premium longline tuna and swordfish operations – one in Port Louis, Mauritius and the other in Beira, Mozambique; our trawler operations in Maputo, Mozambique from which we yield our high-end shellfish range and finally our substantial global retail business in South Africa, sourcing seafood for some of Africa’s largest retailers.

Longline Operations

Both our longline operations boast state of the art quay-side packing and processing facilities – both EU, FDA and HACCP accredited.  All crew and staff members are fully trained and equipped with the skill to handle fish on board the vessel and in the facility, to ensure only the best quality and freshness.  Temperature control plays a vital part in the quality of fish – with our strict policies from when the fish is caught, stored on board the vessel, moved from the vessel to the packing and production facility; transportation to the airport / port and eventually to the client – our catch is temperature controlled and monitored every step of the way. Both facilities will have their own on-site ice plants, with the capacity to manufacture up to 25 metric tons of ice per day and store 60 metric tons of ice.


Afritex Fishing Ltd is our longline fishing operation based in Port Louis, Mauritius with state of the art commercial quay-side packing and processing facility and our own fleet of vessels. Fishing in the nutrient rich waters of Mauritius, the primary focus is on the export of premium quality fresh tuna and swordfish by airfreight, as well as processing and value-adding a range of retail ready lines, such as tuna, swordfish, dorado and other associated by-catch.


Located within our offices in the Free Port Trade zone in Mauritius, Afritex Trading Ltd will soon become one of the leading seafood trading companies globally. With initial focus on our own production, a state of the art electronicfood trading platform is in the process of being developed by a panel of experts, which will quickly be expanded to incorporate global seafood production and eventually an all-encompassing food trading solution. Africa has long been known as ‘the bread basket of the world’ and with 65% of the world remaining arable land left in the region, we believe our Trade division is strategically placed to bring the world to Africa and take Africa to the world.


Pescamoz is our second Longline fishing company conveniently based in the Port of Beira, Mozambique – through which we run our processing facility and manage our self-owned fleet of Longline vessels. As is the case with our Afritex Mauritius operations, our primary focus is on the export of premium quality fresh Tuna and Swordfish, as well as processing a range of value-added retail lines from Tuna, Swordfish, Dorado and other by-catch.