Our Operations

Longline Operations

Our longline fishing operations are comprised of two fully functional business entities in two different regions, collectively consisting of 14 vessels – fishing throughout the year, ensuring exceptional supply continuity.

Afritex Fishing Ltd based in Port Louis, Mauritius and Pescamoz LDA, based in Beira, Mozambique. Afritex fishing is our first Longline fishing company with state of the art commercial packing and processing facility with our own fleet of vessels. Fishing in the nutrient rich waters of Mauritius, the primary focus is on the export of premium quality fresh Tuna, Swordfish and Mahi mahi by airfreight, as well as processing and value-added range of retail ready lines, consisting of Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi mahi and other associated by catch.

Pescamoz LDA is our second Longline fishing company conveniently based quay-side in the Port of Beira, Mozambique – through which we run our processing facility and manage our self-owned fleet of vessels. As is the case with our Afritex Mauritius operations, our primary focus is on the export of premium quality fresh Tuna, Swordfish and Mahi mahi, including our range of value-added retail lines from Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi mahi and other associated by catch.

Both our longline operations boast state of the art quay-side packing and processing facilities – holding EU, FDA and HACCP accreditation. All crew and staff members are fully trained and equipped with the required skill sets to handle fish on board the vessel and in the facility, ensuring only the best quality and freshness. Temperature control plays a vital part in the quality of fish. With our strict policies from when the fish is caught, stored on board the vessel, moved from the vessel to the packing and production facility, transportation to the airport / port and eventually to the client – our catch is temperature controlled and monitored every step of the way. Both facilities will have their own on-site ice plants, with the capacity to manufacture up to 25 metric tons of ice per day and store 60 metric tons of ice.

Trawler Operations

Our trawling operations Kalipesca LDA is based in the Port of Maputo, Mozambique and is an industrial deep-sea fishing and processing company, established in 2008. Its primary fishing operations are centered on wild caught pink prawns, deep-sea lobster and langoustines and orange crab. Kalipesca LDA owns three deep sea fishing trawlers, namely Izmaylovo, Attiya and Quinlan Fraser and has a management team with over 20 years extensive experience.

All shellfish caught on board the fishing trawlers are wild caught and immediately flash frozen on board the vessel, resulting in a premium quality and globally sought after product. Trawling at depths in excess of 500m and flash freezing the product on board results in the highest quality standards of sea frozen deep sea crustaceans, which are exported worldwide. The three vessels fish twelve months a year, which ensures excellent supply continuity.

Demersal Operations

Our newly incorporated demersal fishing operation will form part of our Afritex Fishing Ltd company based in Mauritius, making use of the already established – EU, FDA and HACCP accredited – packing and processing facilities. All crew are highly skilled and trained to handle fish on the vessels as well as in the facility to guarantee freshness and best quality.

Ensuring our clients receive the best quality possible, our catch is temperature controlled and monitored throughout the journey. From when the fish are caught on board, stored on ice on our own vessel, landing on site – packed and processed the same day – transported to the airport / port and then lastly to the client.

The primary focus is on premium line caught quality Deep-water Red snappers, Emperors, Grouper and Seabream freshly caught from our own 2 vessels, fishing 12 months of the year, ensuring supply continuity.

Retail Operations

Afritex is in the process of launching an exciting new retail range under our Pristine Seafoods Brand.

The range consists of fish harvested off our own vessels, processed in our HACCP accredited factory and value-added in the U.S.A.

Pristine Seafoods Range:

  • Tuna Poke with Miso glaze
  • Tuna Poke with Ponzu sauce
  • Tuna Steaks with Ginger, Teriyaki glaze
  • Tuna Steaks with Lobster and Shrimp au gratin
  • Gourmet Tuna Burgers
  • Swordfish Steaks with Cajun corn butter
  • Swordfish Steaks with Sundried tomato tapenade
  • Swordfish Steaks with Tarragon lobster
  • Gourmet Swordfish Burgers
  • Mahi mahi Steaks with Shrimp au gratin
  • Mahi mahi Steaks with Black pepper and Garlic glaze
  • Mahi mahi Steaks with Green chilli lobster au gratin
  • Gourmet Salmon Burger
  • Lobster Mac ‘n cheese

Margaritaville Range:

  • Tuna Poke supermarket pack with Ponzu sauce, avocado and seasoning
  • Tuna Poke supermarket pack with Miso glaze, avocado and seasoning
  • Tuna Poke Club pack with sauce and seasoning
  • Tuna Steaks with Jamaican jerk butter
  • Swordfish Steaks with Bourbon glaze
  • Mahi mahi Steaks with Brown butter crab topping
  • Lobster Mac ‘n cheese

We also offer:

  • Pink Prawns
  • Langoustine Tails
  • Lobster
  • Deep Sea Orange Crab

Global Trading

The Afritex Global Trading division focuses on innovative sourcing and marketing of the highest quality of sustainable seafood across the globe. Our team of skilled traders keep their finger on the pulse of international market trends, providing a high level of client services and a continuous supply of premium quality seafood.

Our team of traders have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field, with the primary focus being on sourcing the best quality seafood at the most competitive prices, either from our own fishing operations in Mozambique or Mauritius or from trusted suppliers around the globe.

Our client base consists of importers, distributors and retailers based in Europe, the America’s, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle-East.

With our head office situated in Mauritius, Afritex is ideally located to trade with both Asia, Africa and Europe within our working day. The Afritex trading team are in constant contact with suppliers and agents to ensure they are aware of changing market conditions. Furthermore, our traders frequently visit both suppliers and clients in order to achieve and maintain in-depth knowledge of the seafood traded and their respective markets. Our trading team strives to be dynamic and resourceful to constantly broaden and improve our range of offering.

Our dedicated marketing, administrative and shipping team’s aim is to deliver the highest level of support and service to our customers and to ensure that we comfortably comply with varied regulatory requirements. Our trading division acts as principals, not brokers and with our strong financial base, we have the skill set and infrastructure for success and have developed a strong reputation and integrity.

The Facilitrade Global Trading Platform is currently in development stages. This platform will connect professional, qualified buyers and sellers in a secure and easy to use method. Sellers can be assured of sales and buyers can have the luxury of an extensive range of seafood to select from. A facility will also be available for buyers to flag a specific item, to receive an alert as soon as the item becomes available. It is a bright future for seafood trading and with the technological advancements, the Afritex Trading division and the Global Trading Platform will work hand in hand to provide world class service to the primary food industry.