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Afritex has recently been recognized as an active participant in the global initiative towards tuna sustainability.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

We have engaged with SFP whom is working closely with us to help us develop and launch a FIP for the Mozambique and Mauritius Long Line Tuna fisheries. SFP has completed an initial evaluation and field visit. The next step is to help assist us and local FIP stakeholders and resources to develop the full workplan, budget and implementation arrangements for the FIP. We anticipate to publicly launch and report the FIP by the end of 2018.

Drug Awareness Programs

Afritex Ventures has committed to monthly donations to the Dr. Idrice Goomany Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Their focus is to provide primary prevention interventions against licit, illicit drugs and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/ADIS; provide out-patient medical treatment as well as to promote social reintegration for those in recovery. Donations to drive education programmes in Primary and High Schools in Mauritius

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Donations to Orphanages

With an increasing number of Children that are homeless, with no family members that can care for them, these children miss out on treats or gifts that are usually given to those whom have family. By giving the gift of food, this can be achieved. Infantário Provincial de Sofala is an orphanage In Beira Mozambique, to whom we have dedicated our support to provide their children from the ages of 0yr to o18yrs old with food fortnightly.

2018 Blood Donation Drive, Mauritius

Earlier this year, Afritex Mauritius employees showed their full support towards the Annual MRA (Mauritius Revenue Service) Blood Donation Drive. In spirit of the day, branded t-shirts were made for all employees to wear in support of the cause. Afritex was the first company in history to arrive, support and donate as a team and gesture was greatly appreciated by the MRA.


Buswell Volleyball Club, Mauritius

Afritex sponsored uniforms to underprivileged ladies and men’s volleyball teams in Mauritius, enabling them to proudly represent their team and community at the championship games they qualified for.
The sponsorship was positively received and highlighted in the local newspaper.


Our New Head office

Due to the expansion of our company in the last year, we moved our headquarters to the newly developed Noah Wealth Centre, located in the Jinfei Industrial park. Our new offices boast exceptional 180-degree panoramic views of the ocean and plush mountain range. Glass paneled offices allow a beautiful view to be enjoyed by the entire team. Open plan office style, finished off with mock-wooden floors, creates a sophisticated, professional work environment.