Afritex is an owner run global group of companies, which consists of a team that are passionate and driven in their careers.  Our team works together as a family, striving to achieve the same goal of excellence in terms of the quality of seafood we supply, client services and overall commitment and dedication to every aspect of our business.
We have put together a team of experts in their relative fields, some having over 20 years experience.  Our dynamic team ensures the smooth running of all our operations, which consists of two Longline tuna and swordfish operations in Beira, Mozambique and Port Louis, Mauritius; Trawler operations in Maputo, Mozambique; Retail operations in South Africa and finally the Food Trade Platform our team of experts are in the process of developing.  Our fishing operations include a self-owned fleet of 9 Longline and 3 Trawler vessels.

Afritex currently exports up to 2000 tonnes of fresh tuna and swordfish per annum to Japan and the USA and up to 2500 tonnes of frozen product, sold as whole frozen or value-added into retail ready lines. In addition to exporting seafood caught off our own vessels, Afritex has a trading department dealing in global trades, with a team that has extensive experience and that keep their fingers on the pulse of international market trends.

Our seafood is customised to our clients requirements in terms of product specification and packaging.  Specification sheets are compiled for all products and are compliant with international standards.

Afritex has a unique traceability system, which allows seafood to be traced back to their origin and includes full traceability in terms of ocean, vessel and date of catch; temperature monitoring; fish species and other relevant information.  The total movement of the seafood from origin to final destination is recorded.  Seafood across the globe can be traced simply by scanning the product barcode tag.


Through a global management team which as decades of experience in fishing, operations and marketing, our mission at Afritex is to foster a culture of teamwork, continuous improvement and fair and ethical business practices.

Our vision is to be the premier and first choice supplier of seafood from the Indian Ocean and to strive to maintain the importance of excellent customer service and the highest quality supply of seafood.

Our dedication and passion towards the preservation of the oceans is of utmost importance to us and we practice sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Specific sustainability procedures are carried out on board our vessels, some of which include practising dolphin safe procedures; non-use of shark lines and avoiding shark hot spots; setting gears at night to avoid risk to birds; avoiding interaction with marine mammals by communication between our vessels; reducing soak times and avoiding the catch of species on the endangered list.



Executive Chairman

Afritex Group

DAVID DIAMOND has an extensive career in investment banking, private equity and the start up of new businesses. David started his career as a Mergers & Acquisition investment banker at Credit Suisse in New York City. He later was a founder of the Londonbased private equity firm Compass Partners and led several of their investments. In the past ten years David has co-founded several successful ventures includingTuun China, a medical device business headquartered in Shanghai, InteMedica, a nutritional and supplements manufacturer and Sonexus Health, a pharmaceutical commercialization company. David currently serves on several boards across a variety of industries.


Executive Director

Afritex Group

MIKE BANIGAN has a long and distinguished career in creating, developing and growing new businesses. Mike started his career in insurance services eventually becoming President of one of General Electric’s insurance divisions. He then founded the Chronic Disease Fund, the world’s largest patient assistance foundation. Mike has also successfully developed several businesses in the pharmaceutical commercialization field including DiseaseTrak and Sonexus Health. Mike serves on several boards across a variety of industries.


Executive Director

Afritex Group / Kalipesca / Pescamoz

JOEL M. FINEBERG is one of the most well known attorneys in the United States and a successful real estate developer in California. Joel is also the founder of Class Action Insurance Consultants which provides consulting services for companies seeking to obtain GAAP qualified risk transfer of class action liability and risk. Joel is a graduate of Emory University and received his J.D. from the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, Dallas, Texas. He has over 20 years of active litigation practice in state and federal courts across the country.


Group CEO

Global Fishing

GAVIN VAN DER BURGH currently holds the position of CEO of the group fishing division and has Executive Directorship of Pescamoz, Kalipesca, Pristine Seafoods, Afritex Mauritius and Afritex Hong Kong. Gavin has extensive experience and knowledge in the seafood industry, which has solidified relationships with leading retail giants in the USA and worldwide. Gavin is a past member of the Global Ocean’s Council and World Economic Forum.

MARLENE LOMBARD – Group Financial Controller

Afritex Group

MARLENE LOMBARD graduated from RAU University in 1996 with a BCom Economics degree. Marlene joined Ernst & Young in Entrepreneurial services, where she gained valuable experience and soon advanced to management level. Over the years Marlene held several senior financial management positions in various large multinational corporations before moving into a commercial management position in the seafood sector, where she has been exclusively focused for the last 10 years. Marlene has been in the Finance department of Afritex since inception.

FILIPE LOBO – Country Manager

CEO Kalipesca – Mozambique

FILIPE LOBO currently holds the position of CEO of Kalipesca and is the Mozambique Country Manager. His main responsibilities include strategy formulation, ensuring that the strategy determined is implemented within the business, daily management and reporting. Filipe is also assisting in the setup, strategy formulation, procurement and other functions at Afritex Mauritius’ new joint venture Pescamoz LDA – that includes a large fishing operation and production facility based in Beira, Mozambique. Prior to joining Kalipesca LDA, Filipe served as Oceanfresh’s Country manager in Mozambique and handled the daily management tasks of the deep sea fishing operations and local and international export trading.

NATASHA FINLAYSON – Group Marketing Manager

Afritex – Mauritius

NATASHA FINLAYSON fills the role of group marketing manager for Afritex. Natasha has a long history with the Afritex Group and has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, advertising, retail packaging design and global trade shows. Natasha works hand in hand with our global sales team to maintain and grow a solid brand. Natasha operates from our Port Louis, Mauritius office.


Afritex is involved in various corporate responsibility projects, including partnering with various local charitable organisations in each of the regions we are established in, to provide by-catch fish free of charge in order to feed the underprivileged with a food source high in protein and nutritional value.

Social responsibility in terms of treating our employees in a fair and humane manner is of high priority to our group. The Afritex Group is strongly against under-aged labour and have stringent procedures in place to prevent the accidental employ of any under-aged person, which is a common problem in the world today.

We have established an environment of safety and comfort for our personnel, which in turn cultivates an atmosphere of commitment and dedication, factors which are important for the successful operations of a business.